6,137 Reasons Why Visitors to Canada Need Travel InsuranceThe cost of a standard stay in the hospital in Canada is $6,137.

The busy holiday tourism is almost upon us. If you are expecting visitors this year, whether for a few days, a week or a month, be a good host and suggest that your guests get Visitors to Canada health insurance.

Why? It's all in the numbers; well, it's really about just one: $6,137. That's how much a stay in a Canadian hospital costs on average according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Health care in Canada for tourists

$6,137. That's why tourists planning to travel to Canada should make sure they have emergency medical travel insurance coverage prior to beginning their vacation. The fact is, even the most minor injury or illness can become a major expense and Canada's well-known health care system does not offer free medical care to visitors or tourists.

Visiting Canada: Travel medical insurance

$6,137. That's why there's travel insurance designed specifically for tourists in Canada. It's most often referred to as Visitors to Canada travel insurance and essentially acts as an equivalent to what you're covered for under your provincial health plan as well as any supplemental coverage you may have elsewhere like through work or your credit card.

What's covered with a Visitors to Canada travel insurance policy?

Visitors to Canada travel insurance policies will vary by company, but coverage will typically pay for the costs associated with an emergency that requires:

  • Hospital and medical services
  • Diagnostic services, X-rays and lab tests
  • An ambulance
  • Dental work
  • Prescription drug expenses

Who would benefit from a Visitors to Canada insurance policy?

In general, any person who is not a Canadian citizen and is travelling to Canada for any amount of time would benefit from getting Visitors to Canada travel insurance. In many ways it's better than buying regular travel insurance from the tourist's home country; mainly because Canadian insurers know the Canadian health care system best and can provide the quickest turnaround time on claims. It's also ideal for people who are new to the country and who are not yet eligible for their province's health insurance plan but are in need of coverage in the interim.

A worry-free vacation starts with Visitors to Canada health insurance

No matter where your friends or family are coming from, encourage them to get Visitors to Canada travel insurance to ensure their trip to Canada isn't remembered for all the wrong reasons. A worry-free vacation starts with Visitors to Canada health insurance and at Kanetix.ca it's easy to compare policies, prices and secure coverage.

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